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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Information I Have Found During My Research Process.

1. Information I already knew.
I already know some basic information on childhood obesity, but I know I need to find more. Childhood obesity may be cause by lack of nutrition from the child or from the care provider, such as the parent or guardian. This would include eating a lot of unhealthy food or maybe even too much food on a regular basis. Childhood obesity may also occur if the children’s parents were obese or over weight. Childhood obesity can be cured by cutting down or even eliminating fattening food and also by exercising on a regular basis. A child may even enroll in a sport or other organization as a way to lose weight. If parents do not take care of their children and prevent obesity and help them get rid of obesity there is a chance that the child may have serious health problems when he or she gets older. The United States is the country with the highest percentage of childhood obesity. The United States is a main place for this, because of all of the fast food restaurants that are everywhere. Even though the fast food restaurants are trying to make their menus more suitable for health, such as, putting milk and fruit in the kids meals a different places no one wants to go to a fast food restaurant and eat healthy. People,
Newbauer 2 especially children are so used to going there and getting hamburgers, fries, pop, etc., which is of course the most fattening thing to eat there. Obesity may also be cured by surgery, although for children this is not the best way to reduce obesity. Obesity of children may also be caused because the child is under stressed or worried about something. Some children hold things in and a way to cure it is to get satisfaction from eating. Although this may be their way of helping them through situations it is just making their lives more complicated. Some children may also get picked on because they are over weight, which will make them eat even more because they don’t know how else to handle it. Some children are some embarrassed because of their weight that they don’t tell their parents about it and it just starts leading to obesity.

2. Another factor toward childhood obesity is the income a family makes. If it is low than there wont be as many healthy foods around the house. This is because healthy foods are more expensive and take more time to prepare, so parents don’t want to do that.

3. One thing is that you should not give food as a reward.
Another thing is that you should always have healthy food around the house, such as fruits and vegetables and not chocolates or snack cakes.
And also give smaller portions of food.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Authors Note on My Research Paper.

As I wrote my five page research paper draft on Childhood Obesity I felt about 75% confident with my paper. I know that I have a lot of good information about the topics, which are causes of obesity, prevention of obesity, and treatments of obesity, but I was not sure if I had enough information in the paper itself. Also if you have any suggestions about anything else that I should put into my paper I would appreciate it, since obesity is a very common topic. I also tried to organize my paper as best I could, starting with the causes as the first topic and then going to treatments and finally preventing. I feel very confident about the way I organized my paper. I would like you to look at my organization as you are reading through my paper. I would like to know if it sounds good how it is organized and also if there is anything else I should put into these different parts of my paper. I tried to put all the different causes together that are similar, for example all the causes that have to do with parents are all together and so on. I would like you to tell me if this sounds okay, or if I should reorganize it.
I also tried to word my paper good. As I proof read my research paper I feel that all the words sound okay, but as I know when other people read my paper it does sound different. As you read through my paper, could you comment on some of the wording, and also if you feel that any words should be changed. Something that I had trouble with when I was writing my paper was the transitions from the different sections. I know that some of them, maybe all of them do not sound right. If you feel that they do not sound right please let me know and maybe give me some suggestions on how to improve these transitions.
Finally what I would like you to look at is my work cited page. I tried to use the book on some of the things, but I was not sure on some of them.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

As you can see this picture is from the movie Super Size Me, portraying how obesity occurs from McDonalds food.

How Obesity Begins.

This picture is a great portrayal of how childhood
obesity begins. As you can see these child are not very

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cycle of Childhood Obesity

As you can see here, this picture portrays the cycle children
go through while becoming obese.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I have found alot of information out while reading about my topic. I have found some things that I already knew and also some things that are new to me that I just learned. One of the interseting things that I learned while reading about childhood obesity is that childhood obesity differs throught out different ethnic groups. I knew that it differed between countrys, but I never thought between different ethnic groups. As I read through I found this information. It says that 5-7 percent of white and black children are obese and 12 percent of Hispanic boys are obese as 19 percent of Hispanic girls are obese. I also didnt think that it really mattered about whether you were male or female, but I see that it does here. I As I was reading this new information I thought to myself that this is unusual, since the United States has alot more fast food restaurants than hispanics. So I found this information to be very surprising. As I thought about this information I thought about my experiences outside of the United States. I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic and also Mexico. As I was there I saw alot of children there. The children in these countries were extremely skinny. I know that these children have to do alot more work than children in the United States and also they may not have as much food as the children in the United States, but as I thought about it now I understand what the writer of the website was talking. Children in other countries have to do work and this is actually exercise for them that is why they are not obese or overweight and children in the United States are. I am not saying that all the children are lazy or obese, because I know from experience no one in my family is lazy and my sisters and I are always busy, but I know that some children do not do much of anything to keep them healthy.

My Research Process since January 30.

As of January 30, I had done alot of things in writing my research article. Since then I have found atleast two more books and alot of journals to help in preparing my research paper on Childhood Obesity; the causes and how to prevent it. Throughout this time I have read some of the material I have got and found very interesting stuff in the articles, although some material I will not need alot of it will be very helpful to me. As of my last entry about my process my topic was just going to be childhood obesity, since then I have narrowed it down to what causes childhood obesity and how to get rid of it and also to prevent it. During my process I have also thought of and chose a thesis statement. My thesis statement is: Childhood obesity is caused mainly by poor eating habits and lack of exercise, obesity can be cured by healthy eating and regular exercise. Next I have started my outline although I havent completed it yet I have began to write it. I feel that this outline will help me very much in writing my research paper. Finally what I have done since then is that I am in the process of writing a paper on all the information I have gathered so far for my research paper. I know I already have alot of information, but I will definately get more articles and books for my paper. I prefer books because I know that they will be true and not somes random information, but I could also find proper websites for my information.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Website Source

My third article that I chose to choose was a website. The website I chose was . I found alot of good websites to use but this one really stuck out to me. This is a very good website to use because it states alot of information about my topic. It also answers all the questions that I need to know about while writing my research paper. At the beginning of the website it gives some facts about obesity throughout the world. An interesting fact that I found was that childhood obesity varies between different ethnic groups. It says that 5-7 percent of white and black children are obese and 12 percent of Hispanic boys are obese as 19 percent of Hispanic girls are obese. I thought this was a very interesting fact. The problem of childhood obesity is also stated on the Kidsource website. Kidsource also states the main three causes of childhood obesity. The three causes are the family, low-energy expenditure, and also heredity. Also the three main treatments for obesity include; physical activity, diet management, and behavior modification. Finally the last thing it states on this is the prevention of childhood obesity. I feel that this website will help me out alot while researching, not only does it give me alot of information that I need to know it gives me good information to base my other resources around. For example the causes, the effects, and also the treatments. I feel that information on the internet is good, but information from books will be more accurate so you know that you are not getting false information.

My Thesis Statement

Childhood obesity is caused mainly by poor eating habits and lack of exercise, obesity can be cured by healthy eating and regular exercise.

My second source

My second source for my research paper is Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance from the Institute of Medicine. I got this book from the Kent State University Library. I think that this book will be a good source because it comes from a medical institute so that is what they are studying and their specialty. This book is also a new book so everything in it should be up to date and the information in it should be accurate. What I have got to read about so far in this book is the first few chapters. In the first chapter it is about the introduction and it is talking about the epidemic of childhood obesity. In chapter two is talking about the consequences of childhood obesity. It also gives charts in regard to childhood obesity around the world. It shows obesity of children who a caucasian, african americans, and also of Mexican children. It then shows charts of children who are male and female and which sex is more obese. As I was flipping trough the book overviewing alot of the information I saw a few good things that will help me out alot while I write my paper. One of the things is that it states goals on preventing obesity, which is the main thing my research paper is going to be on. Another thing is what causes obesity. One of the main things that I saw in which I was really interested in and did not think of was obesity caused by schools. They said that the food and beverage in alot of schools is extremely unhealthy for children. also this book states that to prevent shildhood obesity it is encouraged to look at the nitrition labels on food items and also on drinks that your child is drinking. I feel that this book will also help me out alot while writing my research paper as well as the other source.

Monday, February 13, 2006

How much information is out there?

At first I had chose the topic Obesity. As I started thinking about it I knew that this subject was too broad and it would cover alot more pages than eight. I then chose Childhood Obesity which I thought would not have that much information and I could write eight pages about it without a ton more. Now that I have been asked this question I think that I should narrow down my topic a little bit more so that I do not have a ton of information that I try and put in eight pages and maybe a little more. So I figured if I broke down my research paper into Childhood Obesity the causes and how to cure obesity then it would not be too much and I could write atleast eight pages and it would not be too little as well. There is alot of information out there and I already know some information as well. I plan on using all the information that I know is true and not coming from someones random homepage. I will use websites from medical schools and maybe some doctors websites on obesity. That way when I write my paper I will not just put a bunch of stuff in it that really has nothing to do or will not really work when trying to get rid of obesity. I am writing this paper to help people become less obese to for that purpose I do not want to lead someone in the wrong direction of what they should do.

The Five W's and H...

As I write my research paper I should ask myself the five Ws and H. This way I know I will answer all the information possible for my topic. The five Ws and H are; who, what, when, where, why, and how.

1. Who
When I ask myself who the first thing I think about is who I am writing my paper towards. This would include my primary audience which is children with obesity or parents of children with obesity. My secondary audience would be my peers and anyone who is writing a research paper.

2. What
When I ask myself what this means what am I writing about. I am writing about the causes of childhood obesity and how to cure childhood obesity. I will write all the information I know first and then I will write from books and sources that I find information in and I will not forget to cite my sources.

3. When
The question when is stating when or what time period am I writing about. I am writing about childhood obesity in the United States now, in the 2000's, since obesity has become big in the last few years.

4. Where
I'm writing about obesity in children in the United States, which will be my primary source. I had thought about comparing childhood obesity in the United States to childhood obesity in other countries as well to show how bad it is in the United States.

5. Why
I want to write my research paper on childhood obesity because there are alot of obese children in the United States and I want to try and help the ones who are willing, so that they dont end up with health problems or possibly dying if it is that bad. Also to help them so that when they get into school they dont get picked on.

6. How
I'm going to write my paper focusing on children with obesity first talking about the causes of obesity and then I will conclude by writing the way to prevent and get rid of obesity.

Writing For My Audience

For my research paper my primary audience would be any child with obesity or and parent with a child who is obese, since my research paper is on childhood obesity. Although the main group would be children with obesity. One of the main reasons I chose about this topic is because I already know alot about this topic. I know alot about this topic because it is a big concern in the United States now. There is always alot of information about this on the news and in the newspapers. So therefore I have learned alot about this topic through the news. Since my primary audience would be any child who is obese or a parent of a child who is obese than I would like to write about anything that would help get rid of obesity. I would say that most people would receptive about my topic because I am trying to help someone become healthier. The only way someone may be hostile is if that person does not want to lose their obesity and they don't care about their health or their childrens health. My secondary source for my paper is going to be my peers and maybe anyone who is writing a research paper, or just a research paper on obesity in children as well. For information toward my second source I am going to wanna write information that will be helpful to them when they write their research papaers and a good way to show what I am talking about would be to write quotes and information from books that I have cited as proof that I did get it from a good source. That way if they wanted to use that book for their papaer they would know hwere to find it.